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Laphroaig. Barry MacAffer. New Manager

Aktualisiert: 12. Dez. 2022

The long-time Distillery Manager John Campbell left Laphroaig Distillery after 27 years for the Lowland Distillery Lochlea by the end of 2021. He is followed by the Islay born Barry MacAffer.

"Biker, Multi Skilled Maltboy, Sailor, Whisky Aficionado,
Master Lego Builder And Landed Gentleman"

New Manager Barry MacAffer. Courtesy of Laphroaig Distillery

PR: "...It is my proudest career moment to date to be writing to you today from my native Islay as Laphroaig’s new Distillery Manager.

As a long-serving Friend of Laphroaig and as an Ileach who grew up next door to the distillery grounds, this new opportunity is one that I am so honoured to have.

I joined the team at Laphroaig in 2011 as an agency worker covering work in the warehouses and on the malt floors. The fantastic team welcomed me, and I knew instantly this would be my future. I then started full time on the malt floors. The already experienced team took me under their wing and labelled me ‘the malt boy’ during my apprenticeship - a name that quickly stuck.

After five years working through the mashing and stilling departments, I found myself in the Assistant Manager’s chair. There I was lucky enough to work closely with my predecessor John Campbell for the past five years, seeing first-hand what it takes to craft this iconic whisky.

With John in mind, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank him for his support and Friendship, but also the 25 years he gave to this wonderful whisky of ours. We all wish him every success with his new chapter.

As far as the next chapter of the distillery is concerned, I am well aware of the task ahead of me...."

François Bazini, Managing Director, House of Scotch, Gin and Irish Brands, of Beam Suntory, says:

“Barry MacAffer was the stand-out candidate to become Laphroaig’s distillery manager, and is uniquely suited to carry forward the legacy of Laphroaig and continue to build the future for our skilled and passionate distillery team.
An Islay native, Barry has worked at the distillery for over a decade and spent the last five years working closely with his predecessor, giving him a deep knowledge of our history, operations, partners and local community.
We’re proud to have an Ileach in charge and are confident in the future of our iconic whisky.”

NB: "Barry MacAffer is not directly related to the former Bowmore Distillery Manager Eddie MacAffer."

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