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Lochlea. Harvest, Fallow & Ploughing

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Lochlea vergrößert das Portfolio mit den Harvest, Fallow & Ploughing Editions.

Part One: Ploughing Edition

Part Two: Pressemitteilung von Kirsch Import vom 27.10.2022

Part Three: Distillery Description

Part Four: John Campbell about his first year

Lochlea Ploughing Edition 2023

Part One

"In 2022, we launched the First Crop of seasonal limited editions. Each release showed Lochlea Single Malt in a different light, reflecting exactly what happens on the farm with the changing seasons.
We're now ready to introduce a whole new series of small batch bottlings, titled the Second Crop. Again, these will tie-in with the farming calendar, but we're excited to show the progression and improvement of our whisky one year on.
Over the coming days, you'll hear more about the first one of our Second Crop of seasonals."

Lochlea Distillery, March 2023

The first Lochlea Peated Version

"This warming, smoky version of Lochlea was crafted using ex-Islay whisky barrels and peated quarter casks (Laphroaig?).

The Lochlea Ploughing Edition is the sixth release so far, and the fourth and final in an annual series of limited seasonal bottlings, from the newest Scottish Distillery. (2023)

This release has been crafted by the team around John Campbell to reflect the season of Winter on the farm, when they begin to plough and sow their first crops of the year.

This latest warming, smoky version of Lochlea was crafted using ex-Islay whisky barrels and peated quarter casks.

Bottled at 46% abv, with natural colour and free from chill-filtration.

Official Taste Notes

"Nose: baked fruit and hints of peat smoke.

Palate: boiled sweets, stewed apple and brazil nuts.

Finish: fruit, nut and lots of Islay peat smoke."

11.000 bottles of the Lochlea PLOUGHING EDITION FIRST CROP have been released in 2013.

Photos Courtesy of Lochlea Distillery

Äpfel, Hafer, Birnen: Lochlea bringt mit der Harvest Edition die Whisky-Ernte ein

Part Two

"Mit Lochlea ist die schottische Brennereilandschaft um eine unabhängige, familiengeführte Farm Distillery gewachsen. Für den unverkennbaren Stil ihres Single Malts ist nicht nur der ehemalige Laphroaig Distillery Managerund jetzige Lochlea Production Director und Master Blender, John Campbell, verantwortlich.

Fotos Copyright Lochlea Distillery

Als eine von nur vier Brennereien Schottlands verwendet Lochlea ausschließlich Gerste aus eigenem Anbau, destilliert und reift ihren Whisky vor Ort.

Die Lochlea Harvest Edition (First Crop) ist der neue Whisky der „Seasonal Releases“.

Die Serie umfasst limitierte saisonale Abfüllungen. Jede von ihnen zeigt Lochlea Single Malt in einem anderen Licht.

Und: was auf dem Hof im Wechsel der Jahreszeiten geschieht. Die Harvest Edition ist von der Erntezeit inspiriert. Spätsommerliche Sonnenuntergänge und den nach der Ernte tiefroten Boden von Ayrshire fängt das Etikett ein. In der Flasche hält der Whisky die beginnende Übergangszeit mit Noten wie Apfelkompott, Haferkeksen und gerösteten Marshmallows fest.

Dafür reifte der Single Malt in Port Hogsheads, Oloroso Sherry Butts und First Fill Bourbon Barrels.

Lochlea Harvest Edition (First Crop)

0,7 Liter, Nicht kühlfiltriert, Nicht gefärbt

Presseveröffentlichung Ende


Lochlea 'Fallow Edition' (First Crop):

"Lochlea 'Fallow Edition' represents a time of rest for the farmland after a busy harvest, as the seasons begin to change and vibrant autumn leaves coat the ground."

"With just over a week to go until the launch of our third small batch release, we're taking a closer look at the cask type chosen by John, our Production Director.
Lochlea 'Fallow Edition' is matured in 100% ex-Oloroso Sherry butts, delivered directly from Jerez, Spain.
Made using American white oak, the Oloroso Sherry butts impart delectable flavours of freshly baked banana bread, malt biscuits and dark dried fruits, with hints of aniseed and rose petals on the finish."

Source: Lochlea Distillery

9,000 bottles at 46% abv will be released globally.

John Campbell, Lochlea's production director and master blender, said:

“When we were first planning for our core single malt, Lochlea Our Barley, we found some wonderful Sherry butts that deserved to be showcased together
and decided to use these to create Lochlea Fallow Edition.”

The single malt is inspired by autumn. The Fallow Edition was matured exclusively in 100% ex-oloroso Sherry seasoning casks from the Toneleria Miguel Martin in Contado Huelva (which is not in the Jerez Triangle), " the spirit flavours of freshly baked banana bread, malt biscuits and dark, dried fruits."

The master blender Campbell added:

“Lochlea Fallow Edition is 100% matured in oloroso Sherry butts, bringing a rich, deep colour and a dry, fruity palate that is perfect for the season of autumn on the farm.”

Source: Lochlea Distillery


Part Three

Farm Distillery. From Grain to Glass. Background Information

Farmer and Distiller Neil McGeoch bought the 222 Acre Farm with a herd of Simmental cattle in 2006. He made his fortunes with clothing retail stores M&Co.

The original farm building, a pigsty, was converted into a family-run distillery in 2017.

Distillery Facts

  • only owner and director Neil James McGeoch, Lochlea Ltd.

  • over £6m investment

  • planning started in 2014

  • permission August 2015

  • first spirit August 2018, first trials in April 2028

  • first distillery manager Malcolm Rennie until September 2021

  • current distillery manager John Campbell from October 2021

  • barley is grown on their own farmland around the distillery (Laureate in 2022)

  • arrangements with local farmers to secure supply

  • Malster is Baird's in Pencaitland near Edinburgh

  • some test trials of own floor malting in 2022

  • water from a borehole on site

  • four roller mill 30/60/10, "nice consistent grist"

  • two tonne semi-Lauter mash tun, clear fruity wort, one mash a day, five-day-week

  • 10.000 litre of wort

  • six Douglas fir washbacks

  • fruity flavour wash

  • around 65 to 115/120 hours fermentation, the particular spirits are mixed

  • two swan neck pot stills made by Richard Forsyth in Rothes

  • wash still 10.000 litre, 7,5 hrs distillation run

  • spirit still with a bubble ball 6.300 litre

  • shell and tube condensers

  • all manual or hands on distillation, very slow

  • cut points between 65 and 69% abv (before 2021), now 75 % to 57 % abv according the specific character of the new make

  • average concentration is 71% abv

  • new make character is full of tropical fruit flavours

  • one steel rack warehouse on site, another one is being built

  • mainly first-fill Bourbon barrels from Maker's Mark, some seasoned Oloroso and Pedro Ximénez casks (Toneleria Miguel Martin, Bollulos, near Huelva, not from the Sherry Triangle), Port casks and red wine barriques plus special Jim Swan STRs (shaved, toasted, recharred), also quarter casks from Islay, about 15 cask types (2022)

  • distilling capacity is around 200 000 LPA

  • three racked and palletized warehouses onsite, 4.500 casks in 2022

  • there is no visitor centre at the moment

  • Website:

Photos Courtesy Lochlea Distillery

Impressionen. Lochlea in Autumn 2022
Fotos Copyright Lochlea Distillery


John Campbell about his first year

Part Four

"....It’s been a quick first year at Lochlea, but a good year. I’ve learned so much and I’m happy about that. The welcome I have received from the Lochlea staff and the local community has been very generous.

This past year I have learned all about Ayrshire; about arable farming and the fluffiness of soil (who knew that was a thing and that it was so important?), about Lochlea’s history, the different personalities of the team members, the Lochlea production techniques, how to store barley and how to do floor malting in Ayrshire conditions.

I’ve helped create Lochlea whisky styles and I continue to learn all about you, the Lochlea consumers.

Our biggest problem in the last year has actually been the success we have had, as we’ve produced double the amount of bottles that we were planning to do! This has caused very positive problems which we have all had to adjust to.

The whole team has come together to understand the end-to-end process and we’ve been stretched, but I do love the Lochlea team culture as everybody just mucks in.

2023 is about investing in and developing the whole team, as all big changes in production are now done, allowing us to just tweak and refine things to improve and make us more efficient.

We have to try to manage and minimise the rising costs associated with producing whisky to stay competitive but we will also have lots of fun too. We'll also be tackling some more floor malting and we'll try not to get so many blisters next year!

As for our whiskies in 2023, I will need to fine tune all the seasonal releases and keep the strong consistency of Lochlea ‘Our Barley’. Keep an eye out for something special arriving in the middle of the year…

Again, thanks so much for your support, it really means a lot. I look forward to hopefully seeing you at some point in 2023.

Have a safe and Merry Christmas and a happy holiday period when it comes..."

Source: Facebook, November 22nd 2022


About the author

Ernie - Ernst J. Scheiner is the editor of the portal The Gateway to Distilleries

He documents over 150 distilleries photographically from the inside and describes the production of the whiskies in detail. Since his studies at the University of

Edinburgh, he has been involved with the subject of whisky and has published in specialist magazines such as The Ireland Journal, The Small Distillery, Whisky Passion and The Highland Herold. Features and stories have appeared in the blogs whiskyexperts, whiskyfanblog and whiskyintelligence. As head of the VHS Ingelheim, and now as a whisk(e)y ambassador, he teaches distilling, organizes study tours and tours to the sources of whisky.

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