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Macaloney Distillery. SWA blocs access to German Whisky Market

Deutschlands größter Spirituosen-Importeur Kirsch Import e.K.,

Mackenstedter Str. 7 in 28816 Stuhr nahm nach der Rechtsandrohung der Scotch Whisky Association die Macaloney Whiskys aus dem Portfolio.


von Macaloney Brewers & Distillers Ltd, Canada

"VICTORIA, BC, Jan. 25, 2022 /CNW/ - On Robbie Burns day, award-winning Canadian craft whisky distiller, Macaloney Brewers & Distillers Ltd (MBD), considers trade complaint regarding Scotch Whisky Association's (SWA) attempts to block access to German whisky market. Macaloney Caledonian' Award Winning Whiskies (CNW Group/Macaloney's Caledonian Brewery & Distillery)

The SWA has threatened MBD's German distributor with a lawsuit unless they stop importing MBD's 'Canadian Best' single malt whiskies. As a result, importation into Germany has been suspended. This new challenge would break new ground in the existing SWA legal dispute with MBD, which puts international consumers' access to internationally recognized Canadian made craft whisky at risk.

Officially, the Canadian dispute is over moves by the SWA to prevent MBD using its founder's name, 'Macaloney', and the words 'Island', 'Glenloy', 'Invermallie' and others in its whisky branding because the SWA says they are evocative of Scotland. Meanwhile DIAGEO with three SWA governing Council seats, continues to market and sell its Indian whiskies called Bagpiper and McDowells (a Scottish surname), while at the same time SWA staff quote 'Bagpipes' as an example of images evocative of Scotland.

Previously the SWA lost a lawsuit in 2012 when Canadian courts decided in favour of Glen Breton whisky from Glenora distillery, Nova Scotia after 9 years of litigation by the SWA.

After the SWA started a Canadian action against MBD in April 2021 the reaction from whisky specialists and consumers was swift. There have been almost 1,000 letters of complaint sent so far to the SWA against its protectionist action.

Graeme Macaloney PhD, the founder and whiskymaker at MBD and an ex-patriot Scot, is determined that the attempts to prevent access to the growing German market will not stand and is set for a 'David against Goliath' battle with the SWA.

Dr. Macaloney who is the official historian, or 'Seanchaidh' for his Clan in Canada named MDB's Glenloy and Invermallie whiskies after locations where his Clan lived for upwards of 1,000 years. Today, on Robbie Burns Day, the annual celebration of Scotland's national poet, Macaloney and his team should be celebrating. Instead, the mood is of frustration and stress as he continues for the right to celebrate who he is and his family's heritage.

Dr Graeme Macaloney

He said:

"I have every right to celebrate my heritage. This kind of punitive act by the SWA, whose governing Council is controlled by the four largest Scotch multi-national corporations, cannot be allowed to stand.
To suggest that Glen, an Irish word in common usage internationally by Scots and Irish diaspora, is inappropriate, is resulting in international consumers being denied access to our 'Canadian Best' Glenloy and Invermallie whiskies."
"We will do whatever is necessary to reverse the SWA's punitive actions and are considering a trade complaint both in Germany and with the European Union."

Specialist whisky commentators are also registering their support for MBD. The Scottish whisky expert, Ralfy Mitchell, has accused the SWA of "cultural appropriation for the benefit of a single industry." He said that MBD is

"proving that there are better whiskies in the world other than Scotch whiskies from Scotland…"

Dominic Roskrow, pre-eminent UK whisky writer has added his voice against the actions of the SWA, saying

" seems that the SWA is still harassing and scaring people who are of no threat to it at all or its country's whiskies."

MBD continues its dialogue with the SWA, whilst it considers its formal complaint to German and EU trade commissioners based on SWA punitive practices.

Notes to editors:

  1. Further details on Macaloney's Caledonian distillery

  2. Media and interview queries to Leeann Froese, Town Hall Brands - or 6046039394

  3. Award-winning whiskies photo image proudly declaring its Canadian origin including a map of Vancouver Island attached.

  4. For quote verification Ralfy Mitchell and Dominic Roskrow may be contacted at and, respectively."


Dr Graeme Macaloney:

"We operate 5,500 L and 3.650 L Forsyths pot stills,
worked with the legendary Dr. Jim Swan,
and also uniquely peat-smoke local barley in 2 tonne batches to 54 ppm at our distillery in Victoria, Canada!"


Verantwortlich für den Inhalt der Pressemitteilung ist die Macaloney's Caledonian Brewery & Distillery. Photos Courtesy of Macaloney's Caledonian Distillery.

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