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Whisk(e)y Atlas Europe 2022

Presseveröffentlichung desAlba-Collection Verlags vom 23. März 2022.

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Press release Alba-Collection Verlag, 23 March 2022

"New publication: „Whisk(e)y Atlas Europe 2022

The Whisk(e)y Atlas Europe shows you the whisk(e)y distilleries in Europe.

Our new „Whisk(e)y Atlas Europe 2022“ is the consistent continuation of the „Whisk(e)y Atlas North America 2021“. Goal is to show Whisk(e)y lovers the rapid development of whisk(e)y in recent years.

But the focus now is on Europe..

Whiskey (3 distilleries). Of course, there have been some distilleries outside Scotland and Ireland in Europe, trying hard to develop their own Whisky. However, the achieved outcome usually differed from the expectations of many whisk(e)y connoisseurs.

But time changed and so did the consumer behavior. Their preferences moved away from industrially produced mass spirits towards high-quality products providing genuine origin. Nowadays people understand terms like artisanal, regional, local, sustainable, environmentally friendly, and even carbon-dioxide (CO2) -neutral no longer as marketing phrases only. These became characters’ and part of the actual lifestyle. And they can be tried, tested, and verified by anybody.

20 years ago, the only distinction made was between Scotch Whisky (about 100 distilleries) and Irish. Throughout the years, many new craft distilleries (annual production up to 500,000 liters), micro distilleries (up to 50,000 liters/year) and nano distilleries (less than 10,000 liters/year) emerged. And think about the numerous farm distilleries, processing the home-grown grain into whisk(e)y on site, so called “field to bottle” or “field to glass”. It must make a whisk(e)y lover’s heart or a nostalgic heart to beat faster.

And after an idiom says, „Beer is an unfinished whisky“ in the recent past numerous “brewstilleries” developed a combination of brewery and distillery under one roof. If then additionally a restaurant or taproom or bar is added, it’s the perfect base to create an unforgettable experience for many.

In a nutshell, the whisk(e)y landscape in Europe has become more diverse and exciting. Certainly some can say it’s completely confusing. And that may be true. However, diversity comes with territory. For this reason the „Whisk(e)y Atlas Europe 2022“ is here to help you find your way, individual, regional, and tasteful.

This Atlas shows actually 969 active whisk(e)y distilleries in 31 European countries. Additionally it provides the about 90 whisk(e)y distilleries that are planned or under construction as well as the about 800 ones, already closed.

All entries are sorted alphabetically by country, region, and state (territory). Scotland and Ireland are still the most important and, in terms of production volumes, the largest whisk(e)y producing countries in Europe. Logically, both countries deserve the front part of the atlas. For a better overview for both countries the active + planned distilleries and the closed distilleries are treated in separate sections.

Scotland currently holds the largest number of whisky casks in the world (various sources estimate between 32 and 36 million casks in Scottish warehouses). In chapter 4.1.6 we meet the according requirement sho- wing the locations of the large maltings, cooperages, central bonded warehouses (bond) and bottling plants of Scotland. If you are interested, which of Scottish distilleries are still malting themselves, this information is also available there.

35 regional maps, a map of Campbeltown (in the past with over 30 local distilleries the whisky capital of the world), 6 overview maps and 2 graphics will help you to find your way around.

The “Distillery Finder” at the end of the book is divided into 7 regions and designed to help you quickly finding a particular distillery, brand name or the distilleries of a group. If you are interested in which distilleries are united under the umbrella of Diageo or Pernod Richard etc., a quick look at the Distillery Finder Scotland will help.

For each distillery you get information about the location, the year of opening, the year of closing, the company name, the internet address, and what kind of whisk(e)y is produced.

ISBN 978-3-944148-77-9

Price 39 Euro"

All photos are copyright of Alba Verlag.

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